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Best Position To Get Pregnant Fast When you’ve decided it’s time to start a family, you may find that the element of excitement adds a whole new dimension to your lovemaking! And a part of the experimental enjoyment can be the approach of using some of the best positions to increase the likelihood of conception. If you’re wondering about best position to get pregnant fast, there are several suggestions you might like to take into account.

One of the keys to successful ways to get pregnant best position is remembering that the force of gravity can act either as your friend or as your enemy in your attempts at conception. In any position in which the woman is upright, gravity might cause semen to leak outward rather than toward fertilization. By contrast, there are positions in which gravity will help the semen toward its goal, maximizing the possibility that sperm might reach the egg.

Missionary Position

Best Position To Get Pregnant Fast missionary positionOne of the likeliest best position to get pregnant is the so-called “missionary position,” with a woman lying on her back. In this position, the vagina tilts downward toward the uterus, allowing gravity to provide assistance.
Additional techniques to boost the chances of conception include keeping the penis as deeply inserted as possible, minimizing the distance the sperm would need to travel, and allowing time for the woman to remain on her back after intercourse. Remaining in a reclined position for twenty or thirty moments, especially if there’s a pillow placed below the hips to increase the incline even further, can considerably boost the chances of getting pregnant.

Entrance From Behind

Best Position To Get Pregnant Fast

A second best position to get pregnant is the entrance from behind. This position allows for a deep penetration with which the man can deposit semen extremely close to the cervix. In this position, too, the chance of conception is increased significantly when followed by twenty or thirty minutes of remaining in a recumbent position. This position is particularly recommended in the event that a woman has a tipped uterus, the unusual angle of which might make conception a little less likely in face-to-face positions.

Side By Side Position

For similar reasons as an Side by Sideentrance from the back, the deposit of semen deep by the cervix– the position of side-by-side “spooning” is another of the popular positions used by couples trying to conceive.

Combined with these “mechanical” considerations, a couple should keep in mind one other positional factor which might contribute to conception. Enjoyable love-making, particularly in any position similar to those described above, can also affect the chance of conception. Two physiological factors come into play here, the first of which is the fact that female orgasm can actually cause muscular contractions which usher semen further inward. The second factor is that stress and worries release hormones into your body which could interfere with conception–a factor which won’t be an issue when you are relaxed and enjoying the experience. These suggestions should combine to help you discover the best position to get pregnant.


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