If You Send HER Message On Sarahah | You Should Read This


From secret crushes to horrible bosses, people always find different ways to wish someone without breaking the status quo in real life. The App that took a high peak these days is Sarahah which is anonymous messaging app Developed by Saudi Arabia-based developer ZainAlabdin Tawfiq, the app has already been downloaded over 5 million times on Google Play Store providing a platform to express one’s feelings much easily keeping them anonymous.

If You Send HER Message On Sarahah | You Should Read This It is free to download an app and not like most social media apps ask users to create a profile with a username, email ID, and a password to keep interactions secure. What sets it apart from all those social medias WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger is the one-way interaction where users can leave a message for a friend or a colleague or anyone with the link of Sarahah profile while keeping their identity anonymous. Sarahah keeps the identity of the senders hidden unless they want to reveal it.

Unlike other social media platforms, users don’t have to send or accept friend requests. All they need is to find the friend’s profile on the app or they can also have the direct link sent by their friend. To ensure your profile can be discovered easily, users can add a photo or share their profile names on Facebook or Twitter.


It was designed as a self-development app, but with the increasing numbers of cases of trolling and cyber stalking and bullying, it remains to be seen if this app where some people are found to be misusing it, It has been making waves in the last few week in India.

But what is hurting is the feedback, and if the feedback is negative, could be from anyone, it could hurt users with anxiety issues because of someone privacy and some vulgar messages. On the plus side, it could open us up to learn about our areas of improvement as a positive side. Users can block senders if they receive an offensive comment Moreover it can be used to arrest the sender if its high-end comment.

Recent reported from fortune.com in July stated that Sarahah has seen rocket rise to the top of the charts, becoming the most popular free download from the U.S. iOS Store, and the second most popular free app on Google Play.

The Developer who said the site had garnered more than 270 million views and 20 million users in just a few weeks, according to BBC News. He said that though he “did nothing at all” expect the website to become popular so quickly, he was happy with how things turned out quickly.

The Sarahah app is available in Arabic and English which you find easily.


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