Sciatic Nerve | Details and Problems


The sciatic nerve is also called as ischiatic nerve and is one of the largest nerves in humans. This nerve starts in the region of the lower back and then runs through buttock region of the body and down towards the lower limb. This is not only the longest nerve in the body but is also the widest nerve. This nerve tends to supply regions like the leg, muscles in the back region of the thigh, the leg as well as the foot.

Problems Related To Sciatica

Sciatic nerve problems result from irritation or inflammation of this nerve and it can cause a great deal of pain. The pain related to this condition is often felt from lower back region to the area behind thighs and this pain also tends to radiate under the knee. Sciatica is commonly caused by disc herniation that presses on the nerve and other causes like inflammation or irritation can also result in the symptoms related to this condition.

Sciatic nerve irritation can occur due to other factors like infections, internal bleeding, injury, tumors etc. The symptoms of this condition include numbness, burning sensation along with a tingling that radiates from lower back as well as upper buttocks down to the back region of the thigh and back of the leg.

Severe sciatic nerve problems can make even walking difficult in some cases. The symptoms related to this condition can become aggravated by activities like walking or bending in the waist region and relief can be obtained by lying down. The diagnosis of this condition can be done by taking medical history following the physical examination.

Diagnoses of Sciatic Nerve Problems

The symptoms and other examination details allow the health care professionals to diagnose this condition. Some other tests that can be done for diagnosis of this condition include MRI scan, electromyogram along with CT scan. After identifying the causes of this condition treatment can be started. Application of heat or ice to affected areas can be an effective form of treatment.

Helpful Self Treatments

The ice in sciatic nerve problems can be applied for around 48 to 72 hours. This can be followed by application of heat. Some medicines like ibuprofen and acetaminophen can be prescribed and these can also be obtained over the counter. These medicines can be taken to get relief from the pain. Some physical exercises can also provide relief from the pain and problems of this condition.


Certain other medicines can also help in getting relief from stabbing pain experienced in this condition. With timely and appropriate treatment those suffering from these problems can recover well. In some rare cases, individuals may experience certain complications. These complications include loss of sensation within the leg. Such loss of sensation can be partial or complete.

It is extremely crucial that the underlying causes of sciatic nerve problem are identified. Only then can proper treatment be started and this can help in recovery. In some cases, immediate medical attention should be sought and these cases include individuals experiencing intense back pain together with unexplained fever, swelling in the back region or spine area and pain traveling down the individual’s legs.


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