Sciatica Pain Relief : Exercises and Treatments


Sciatica pain is a condition that results from inflammation or other problems related to the sciatic nerve. This nerve has two branches from the lower part of spinal cord. Each branch runs from the region of the lower back to buttocks, pelvis and back region of leg and foot on each side. This is the longest nerve in the body. Specific treatment can provide Sciatica pain relief.

In some serious cases, immediate surgery can also provide sciatica pain relief. Most cases of this condition resolve in a certain time on their own. The pain related to this condition can radiate in the area of this nerve.  And may be experienced in regions of the lower back, in the back region of the leg, buttocks, foot etc.

The pain in this condition can be aching or burning and the intensity of the pain may vary. Long periods of sitting, standing; coughing, sneezing cause aggravation in pain. Even lifting things can also aggravate the pain. Rest also play an important role in Sciatica pain relief, but avoid excessive resting. This can, in fact, aggravate the pain.

Sciatica Pain Relief
Sciatica Pain Relief

Causes of Sciatica Pain Relief

Some common causes of this condition include herniated disc in the region of the lower back. This tends to put a great deal of pressure on the nerve or its root. Other causes of this condition include spinal stenosis along with spondylolisthesis and osteoarthritis of the spine. Piriformis syndrome may also result in this condition. There are some specific treatments for Sciatica pain relief.


Sciatic pain relief requires the proper diagnosis of the condition and identification of underlying factors causing this condition. The treatment for this condition includes analgesics, anti inflammatory medicines along with physical therapy. Sometimes doctors prescribe certain nonsteroidal anti inflammatory medicines like ibuprofen and aspirin for the treatment of the inflammation as well as the pain.

Medicines For Sciatica Pain Relief

In problematic cases, sciatic pain relief can be attained through muscle relaxants prescribed by doctors. Corticosteroids which are powerful anti inflammatory medicines can be injected into spinal fluid in the affected areas and this can deliver the medication in the spinal nerves. Exercises targeting the muscles and back that support the joints and spine can help in increasing circulation and this, in turn, can promote healing.

Exercises For Sciatica Pain Relief

Stretching exercises can also provide sciatica pain relief. Through stretching exercises, the tight muscles become loose and this helps in increasing the space in the vertebrae and this, in turn, can allow for greater room for spinal nerves. One can consult a Physical therapist to create exercise programs that can identify the requirements of each condition.

Massage Therapy For Sciatica Pain Relief

Massage therapy can also be helpful in providing relief from sciatica pain. The muscles spasms experienced in this condition can intensify the pain and massage therapy can reduce the irritation. The exercises can also help in loosening up of the tight muscles. It is advisable for individuals to avoid lifting heavy items so as to ensure too much weight or stress is not put on the back. If the normal treatments do not give relief then doctors suggest surgery.



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