Sciatica Pain | What You Need to Know


Is is It Paining Your Heart Or Back ?

Sciatica is a condition caused by inflammation or excessive pressure on sciatic nerve. Which is the largest nerve in the body. This condition results in sciatica pain along with tenderness that is experienced in several locations along the path of the nerve. The pain may be experienced in several regions along the thigh as well as the leg.

Sciatica pain normally starts in buttock region and tends to extend towards the rear part of thigh as well as the lower leg. In many cases, the pain is also experienced in the sole region of the foot. And outer areas of the lower leg as well as the top region of the foot. Many patients also tend to experience pain in lower back regions. In many cases of this condition, the pain tends to resolve on its own. But medical intervention should be sought if the pain is long lasting.

Several different causes can lead to sciatica pain and one of the reasons for the condition is herniated disk. This condition can result in compression of the nerve roots. In some cases, if a branch of the nerve is irritated then it can result in reflex pain reaction and this may involve the complete nerve length.

When pinching of the nerve occurs near the knee region then the pain may be felt in the hip or the buttock areas. Piriformis syndrome may also result in sciatica pain. Tightening or short piriformis may result in compression and irritation of sciatic nerve and thereby result in pain. In some cases of ruptured disk muscle spasms and back pain may be experienced as well.

The diagnosis of the condition can be done through certain tests like MRI, CT scan, and x-rays. Once the underlying cause has been identified it is easier to treat the sciatica pain. The treatment of the pain can also be done by taking pain medication along with anti inflammatory medicines. Muscle relaxant, as well as analgesics, can be helpful in treating the pain as can certain anesthetic agents that are injected directly into the area of the pain.

Sciatica pain relief can also be obtained through the application of ice and heat packs to the affected areas. In many cases, actions like bending over or standing can result in pain or aggravate the pain. Physical exercises that include stretching exercises can help in providing relief from the pain related to this condition.

Any exercises should be undertaken only under the guidance of experts. In certain cases of extreme pain and complications, surgery may be done. This is particularly relevant in cases where disk fragments can be removed and this can help in providing relief from the pain. Certain other alternative treatments that can be undertaken for this condition include acupuncture along with massage therapy.

Massage therapy, as well as acupuncture, can be particularly useful in providing relief from the pain. However, these treatments should be done only by someone who has several years of experience in treating patients suffering from sciatica. A healthy diet, regular physical activity. And relaxation exercises can also go a long way in ensuring that patients can recover completely from this painful condition.


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