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Sciatica is a problematic condition caused by excessive pressure on the sciatic nerve or irritation or inflammation of the nerve. This problem may be caused by several other conditions. These include problematic conditions like protruding or herniated disc, trauma, priformis syndrome, spinal stenosis, infection, tumors etc. Along with pain medication and exercises, sciatica treatment at home can be effective in dealing with this condition.

The treatment for sciatica can be determined only after consulting a doctor. Once a consultation is done the doctor attempts to determine the correct causes behind the condition. And thereby identify the treatment options. In some rare and extremely problematic cases, surgery may be needed. But in most cases, pain medication, exercise, rest and sciatica treatment at home can control the pain.

Sciatica Treatment at Home
Sciatica Treatment at Home

Remedies for Sciatica Treatment At Home

Sciatica treatment at home can include certain home remedies., That can be easily incorporated in the daily life., So as to get relief from the pain. These remedies include drinking juices like celery leaves and potato juices so as get relief from the pain. Certain other additions like beetroots and carrots can also provide strength to those suffering from this condition.

Sciatica symptoms can also be reduced through sciatica treatment at home. Options like elderberry tea or juice and this can provide relaxation to the muscles. Raw garlic or garlic supplements together with B1 and B complex medicines provide relief from the muscle ache and also aid in the circulation. The supplements and garlic are also rich in anti-oxidant properties and provide energy and warmth to the body.

Home Treatment

Vitamin B1 and Thiamine can be consumed as a part of sciatica treatment at home through natural sources like liver, pork, beef, spinach, green peas, bananas, whole grain cereals, legumes, bread, nuts and navy beans. Through consumption of salads, green leafy and red vegetable health can be maintained.

Other sciatica treatment at home options can include eating raw sauerkraut and this has been practiced for long by Germans. This can help in providing relief from muscular pain. Some individuals suffering from sciatica also mince two garlic cloves in around ½ cup milk and this concoction can be taken twice every day.

It is advisable to seek medical consultation before taking garlic supplements particularly. , If the patient is suffering from some bleeding disorder or is taking some medication like anticoagulants. Water also plays an important part in sciatica treatment at home regimen. Hot shower or bath followed by cold shower can also boost the circulation in the body and help in ensuring that the pain is reduced. Hot along with cold compresses can also be beneficial.

Along with good diet and exercise it is important that patients maintain a good posture While sitting and standing and also avoid lifting heavy items. Sleeping on firm mattresses can also help in ensuring that sciatica pain does not become worse. Application of ice for 10 minutes followed by rest for 10 minutes can be useful in reducing inflammation associated with this condition.


The home treatment also includes ensuring that the pelvis is balanced and movement is maintained. Too much rest should be avoided. And with adequate movement muscles do not become excessively tight and so the pain does not become worse in morning.


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