Shocking Problems of Women’s Sexual Performance


You might be wondering what’s affecting you in the bed :  is it her sexual performance ??

Admitting to yourself that you are ready to enjoy all that sex has to offer does not necessarily mean you will right off the bat have fulfilling and pleasurable intercourse. There are several things that can derail a satisfying sexual experience for a women. For many women the key to a good sex life comes from understanding your own body, having a giving sexual partner (loving is also beneficial), and being physically and mentally prepared for the experience.

women sexual problems

Some causes of sexual anxiety, low sex drive, and lack of sexual satisfaction in women include:

Mental or Psychological Barriers

Mental or psychological barriers can come in a variety of forms. A woman may have trouble achieving orgasmic climax or even enjoying sex if they have had a traumatic sexual experience in the past. This may stem from a simple fear of pain due to penetration or from severe traumatic event such as being molested as a child or raped.

Other things may also be causing a mental block to more enjoyable sex. Sex may have become boring or too routine. There may be an emotional conflict between you and your partner. Inadequate sexual skills of your partner can make you hesitant about having sexual contact. There may be a question about sexuality and sexual identity that the person has yet to come to grips with.

Generalized fear can also complicate sex and sexual performance. This could be fear relating to getting pregnant or contracting a disease.

Unhealthy Lifestyle

women sexual problems

Unhealthy vices, lack of exercise or a good diet can all inhibit sexual pleasure. Women who smoke, as well as men, can experience sexual dysfunction problems. For women the hardening of the arteries that is associated with smoking can also affect blood flow to the vaginal tissue and prevent the normal swelling of tissue that occurs during sexual arousal. Alcohol and drugs can also cause sexual dysfunction in women.


Unfortunatley some prescription medications and over the counter medications can interfere with sexual desire and performance. Some high blood pressure medications have been found to reduce the amount of vaginal lubrication a women forms. Some antidepressants and painkillers have also been known to affect a women’s sexual response and desires.

Hormonal Changes

women sexual problems

Hormonal changes can affect sexual performance in women. Hormonal changes can be caused by a variety of factors ranging from thyroid problems to transition into menopause.


Diseases that cause fatigue, such as heart disease, can generally decrease your libido. Thyroid problems that affect your bodies hormonal balance can also affect sex drive and desire.


Below are some treatments to overcome sexual anxiety and increase sex drive in women:

Sex Counseling

Sex counseling is an option for some women who want help understanding their sexual feelings. This method may be especially beneficial for women who need help opening up and overcoming a traumatic sexual experience.

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely important to a woman’s sexual health. Regular exercise can help improve sexual stamina as well as enhance a persons self esteem and body image. Having a healthy diet is also key as it affects your overall health and well being.

Limiting Stress

Our body’s sexual desires are largely based on emotional responses therefore large amounts of stress can affect sexual intimacy. Finding ways to limit stress in your life can have a beneficial affect on your sex life.


Having and maintaining good communication with your sexual partner can greatly increase the pleasure of intimacy. This means being able to discuss each others likes and dislikes when it comes to matters of intercourse. People are not mind readers

Changes in Sexual Intimacy Patterns

women sexual problems

Varying the sexual routine even slightly can have profound affects on sexual performance. People who are in a relationship often initiate sex the same way every time. Moreover, many also conduct the sexual act itself in a routine manner using the same sexual positions every time in the same order. This type of sexual stagnation can be boring and thus it can affect a woman’s desire and drive to have sex.

Sexual Experimentation

Sexual experimentation simply means trying new things. This can be as simple as experimenting with new sexual positions and locations or it can mean doing something new like introducing sex toys. Remember, sexual experimentation does not mean that you have to try something that you are uncomfortable with. The whole purpose of sexual experimentation is to increase pleasure and sexual performance not anxiety.

Important Note

Please remember that it is always important to practice safe sex! Indeed, knowing that you’re safe from sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancies can be an important factor in overcoming sexual anxieties for many women.


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